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Start from scratch

Design your amazing bouquet from the beginning

Fiery Passion

Peony rose, Rose bud, Bush rose, Butterfly decoration

Gentle Rustle

Chrysanthemum, Gerbera, Wrapper

Pure Heart

Rose, Peony rose, Rose bud, Calla lily, Gypsophila, Beargrass

Summer Evening

Lily, Eustoma, Gerbera, Carnation, Monstera leaf, Pistachio branch, Wrapper

Winter Silver

Hydrangea, Eustoma, Carnation, Calla lily, Eucalyptus, Aspidistra leaf, Pistachio branch

About Eluna Plugin

Easy to add to your website

Customization for your business

The plugin can be embedded into a website built with any popular technology: WordPress, Wix, Angular, React, HTML and others.
Your website users don't need to install any browser extensions or libraries.
Our development team provides plugin customization for each merchant to fit all needs of your business.
We would be glad to add both additional flowers from your assortment, as well as new functionality of the plugin at your request.

Easy to use

Realistic result

The plugin is built with an intuitive interface and a set of tools that makes bouquet designing easier.
  • Bouquet State Tracking: allows to undo/redo any bouquet change that you don't like.
  • Space Allocation Engine: automatically pushes out flowers that interfere with each other (occupy the same space).
  • Smart Mouse Control: gives total control over the placement of the flower in the bouquet.
The plugin takes the benefit of modern 3D graphic technologies to provide a realistic result.
Each flower is deeply customizable to find the desired place and pose in the bouquet:
  • Flower location/height change
  • Flower rotation
  • Stem bending
  • Peduncle bending/scaling
The wrapper is dynamically reshaped according to the shape of the bouquet.
You can modify wrapper height, rotation, colors, and much more.



We offer our tool and customization for your business for free as part of an affiliate program.
Take advantage of the limited offer!